⋆I'm with you in the dark⋆

I'm Caity Cat!
I do english covers of Vocaloid + video game songs.

⋆Who am I?⋆

Hello frens! I'm Caity Cat; my friends call me Cait! I never left my pop-punk phase and my body is actively trying to kill me on the daily.

☆26☆autistic☆Vocaloid fan since 2009☆
☆taken☆enjoys memes☆chronically ill

I've loved to sing since I was young. I was in choir for a few years and had private lessons briefly, but am otherwise self-taught.
I'm happy to finally share my voice with you all!

Fave game series:
☆FFXIV & Final Fantasy in general
☆Kingdom Hearts
☆most things Nintendo
☆Persona 5
☆Project Diva
☆Animal Crossing
☆Sonic the hedgehog
☆NieR: Automata
I'm probably forgetting some OTL

Currently watching:
☆ Cells At Work! (Hataraku Saibou)
☆ Angels Of Death (Satsuriku no Tenshi)

⋆ID me⋆

☆Pokemon GO trainer Code☆
3636 5141 8703

☆Switch Friend Code☆

☆Final Fantasy XIV☆
Lilith Starsong on Faerie
(Aether data center)

⋆Let's Make A Scene⋆

⍟ I've had a lot of hectic life stuff happening the past few months on top of my already existing chronic illness issues (family trying to sell our house/prepping for possible move, I suddenly had to have gallbladder removal surgery, etc); this is the main reason I haven't been releasing content lately.

⍟ May 12 update: I'm part of a CB group for LSO, I'm gonna die.

⍟ There ARE more FFXIV covers coming I promise LOL. Please look forward to it™.

⍟ Some other things are in the works as well!

⋆My translyrics⋆

Please credit me if you use them.
⍟ Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with the rhythm or have other questions.


PrayAngels of Death ED Theme


Ai Kotoba IIIDECO*27
Liar DanceDECO*27
DecadeDixie Flatline
Kire, Carry OnPolice Piccadilly
SeparatePolice Piccadilly
Abandoned StellaNeru
Rolling Girl Wowaka
BRING IT ON (Rettou Joutou)Giga